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"Anti-Anti-Normativity Alliance" Starter Pack

Over the past few years I've learned a lot from Ben Hoffman, Jessica Taylor, Sarah Constantin, and Zvi Mowshowitz. They all have great blogs, which while very different from each other, all attack similar topics from similar angles (hence why they're clustered together in my mind). The lowest effort way I have to shill their writing is to collect some of my favorite posts of theirs all in one place and offer a bit of a spring-board (a starter-pack, if you will) for any potential readers interested in their ideas.

Enjoy, and may your horizons be broadened!

Scapegoating, Information Suppression Fields, and Perverse Social Reality

On Commitments to Anti-Normativity

Truth Telling is Aggression in Zero-Sum Games

Alarm Fatigue vs Systematic Critique

Civil Law and Political Drama

Model-building and Scapegoating

Blame Games

Excerpts from a larger discussion about simulacra

Simulacra and Subjectivity

Simulacra Levels and their Interactions

Can Crimes Be Discussed Literally?

Everybody Knows

Judgment, Punishment, and the Information-Suppression Field

Against Unreasonably High Standards

On Drama

Wrongology 101

Defensiveness, Politeness, and the Presumption of Hostility

Something Is Very Wrong With [X]

The Order of the Soul

Approval Extraction Presented as Production

My experience at and around MIRI and CFAR (inspired by Zoe Curzi's writeup of experiences at Leverage)

The Debtor's Revolt

The AI Timeline Scam

Dialogue on Appeals to Consequences

Naive Epistemology, Savvy Epistemology

EA has a lying problem

Is Stupidity Strength?

Is Stupidity Strength? Part 2 – Confidence

Is Stupidty Strength? Part 3 – Evolutionary Game Theory

Is Stupidity Strength? Part 4 – Are VCs Stupid?

Immoral Mazes (sequence)

Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

Guess Culture Screens for Trying to Cooperate

Communication From Another Dimension

The Engineer and the Diplomat

Actors and Scribes, Words and Deeds

Verbal Communication

Exploitation as a Turing Test

Group Cognition

The Face of the Ice

Puppy Love and Cattachment Theory

CPTSD and Attachment

Self and Mind

On Purpose Alone

Werewolf Feelings

Shape the Query

Steve Jobs and the Impossibility of Parents

Iterated Self-Improvement - a worked example