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Thoughts on Tackling Blindspots

I went to my first CFAR workshop the other week, and it was quite intense/a lot. The biggest change by far has that I came face to face with some huge blindspots and can see more clearly many of the ways I've been fooling myself, not allowing myself to care about things, and pushing people away. Since blindspots are a proto-typical, "How the fuck are you supposed to find a thing that you aren't capable of finding?" I wanted to share what I think are things that helped me spot some of mine.

This is rough draft mode, and I think I'm going to just settle for bullet points in this pass-through.

To quote Draco from HPMOR:

To figure out a strange plot, look at what happens, then ask who benefits

i.e. look at all of the first impression I make of people, and get suspicious that they all add up to "People aren't worth talking to" and be suspicious.